"Let's Talk About Sex"

I assume my children (all over the age of 40), if they ever took time to think about it, would like to believe they were delivered by a stork.

I'd like to believe my seventeen year old grandson merely holds his girlfriend's hand. But I'm a realist! To my point:

In 2008, funding for ineffective and dangerous abstinence-only-until-marriage programs reached $176 million!

In order to make responsible and healthy decisions, young people need — and society has a moral obligation to provide — medically accurate, age-appropriate information about sex and sexuality.

Yet, over the past decade, the federal government has allocated more than $1.3 billion for ineffective, dangerous abstinence-only programs that provide students with incomplete, medically inaccurate information that focuses solely on abstinence and provides little or no information about contraception.

President Obama has said that he supports comprehensive sex education programs that promote abstinence and provide information on contraception.

One outlet you can let your voice be heard to stop abstinence-only programs, and equally important, allocate $50 million for comprehensive sex education programs can be found here.

Most importantly, talk to your children! Use two of the "c" words in the discussion: condoms, contraception.

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