Choose Your News

If you watch cable television or listen to the radio, you can choose to hear the news from the right or the left with one tap of a button.

I attempt to watch or listen to right wing news outlets, but as I talk back to my television set, I feel my blood pressure rising. Also, I fear if one of my children/grandchildren are visiting and hear my rants - off to Boca for me.

Who is the Cronkite in 2009?  Who do you trust to deliver the news?

I am a Rachel Maddow devotee, but I do not hide my bias. (A nice "home" in Boca cannot be too bad.) I love the "fake" news programs: The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Fox...I digress...

I was sent the following Email (see below) by a group of Democrats. I'm not giving up my car, computer, nor newspaper subscription - but it's good to read about grassroots organizations and people with passion.

Stand up for Human Rights, Stem Cell Research, or New Energy Sources - pick a passion, my young friends - and give 'em all you have!

PS- For example: No matter your source of news, focus on Secretary State Clinton's true mission and efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo vs. a recent personal sound bite currently making headlines.

FOX News has always been the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, willing to twist facts and even lie to promote the Republican agenda.

But the election of President Obama in 2008 pushed FOX News into outright hate-mongering and incitement of violence, which is intolerable in a democracy.

Tell FOX News advertisers to cancel their ads:

Here are some examples of intolerable hate speech and incitement to violence:

6/30/09 Glenn Beck agreed with guest who urged bin Laden to attack U.S. with nuclear weapons.

7/25/09 Neil Cavuto and guest said health care reform will impose universal euthanasia like "Soylent Green."

7/28/09 Glenn Beck said "The President has exposed himself as a guy .. who has a deep-seated hatred for white people ... or the white culture... This man is a racist."

8/6/09 Glenn Beck "joked" about giving Speaker Pelosi a glass of wine with poison.

We join with FoxNewsBoycott and other groups in this boycott, which is already producing outstanding results. In the first week, 11 advertisers cancelled their FOX ads: Campbell Soup, Chrysler, General Motors, Kellogg, Kraft Foods,, Nestle, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, and Walmart. Read the latest update from wikoogle.

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