“It’s Me” - I Know

I love caller ID. I realize just how many people I don’t want to speak with on the phone.

If you see it is me calling, and you answer and say, “Hi Betty...” I am fine with the idea. Each party involved knows who is calling, so feel no shame in admitting it!

Lift the shame associated with letting your caller know you have caller ID. Hell, it’s a way of saying, “You know I like you, because I saw it was you calling and I still answered the phone.”

Gone are the days of screening calls by listening to the caller leave a message, and picking up midway through their first sentence. Mid answering machine message pick up was a true expression of love.

I have a friend who does not understand the concept of voicemail through my phone provider. I’ve tried to explain I no longer have an answering machine, but she continues to leave messages, “Betty, it’s Carol...are you home? I’ll wait in case you aren’t near the phone...are you there Betty?”

Stop caller ID shame, and if someone picks up your call (especially near a meal time) - you’ve got yourself a true friend.

Till next time,


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