A little news from my friends at True Majority. org:

479,520 minutes. 7992 hours. 333 days.

That's how long it's been since Barack Obama was sworn in as President. At the end of this first year, some progressives are feeling holiday blahs because we haven't won everything we wanted.


Remember our hard battle at the start of the year over whether to direct our tax money toward creating jobs and stimulating the economy? Won that one. Here in my hometown construction workers are doubling the size of our overburdened community health clinic thanks to that stimulus money, and similar worthy projects across the country kept thousands of Americans working.

How about the F-22 fighter jet? TrueMajority members have worked for years to end that wasteful project, and this July we won THAT one, freeing up $65 billion in Pentagon pork spending for more urgent needs.

Then there's healthcare. Progressives are still arguing over whether the current deal is good enough, and if there is a better strategy for winning more. But even the weakest deal under consideration, which already passed the Senate this weekend, will insure 30 million more people and outlaw insurance companies refusing coverage for pre-existing conditions. By any measure that's a victory for our side.

And yes, there is still a daunting amount to do.

A few days ago Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida read your petition opposing the escalation in Afghanistan on the floor of the U.S. House. Meanwhile we delivered the almost 100,000 signatures -- including thousands of TrueMajority members -- alongside veterans and other anti-war activists.  (If you haven't already, check out the video of Rep. Grayson and some of the veterans we worked with saying 'THANKS' to TrueMajority/USAction members for their support.)

In 333 days we've done some remarkable work, but we've also learned this year that the fight for change is a marathon, not a sprint.

Thanks again for a great year

-Ben, Chris, Darcy, Drew, Matt,

and the whole team at TrueMajority / USAction

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