Color Me Happy

I am a visual person. Being so visually attuned has its pros and cons. I find myself very easily distracted by visual input around me.   I also struggle with ADHD. Add background noise to the mix and I am a goner. However, what often proves to be a struggle for me also leads me blindly (ironic, huh?) into the happiest of accidents.

On January 2, 2009 we ventured out to Phoenixville (PA) to support our friend, Vanida Gail - as the opener for Jeffrey Gaines at Steel City Coffeehouse (one of our favorite suburban music venues). Little did we realize that it was also First Friday in Phoenixville. By happy accident we wandered into a gallery space that supplied artists with studio space to create and display their wares - four separate floors of artwork. Heavenly.

I was visually enamored by what I saw. It brought an excited and happy grin to my face. It was hard to know where to look. Walls were lined with drawings, photography, tapestries, multimedia projects and sculptures made from "found materials". Perhaps the most visually beautiful piece of art I witnessed was not a finished project at all. It was a wall of shelves lined with spools of colored yarn and thread. This wall was home to art waiting to happen and, in doing so, became art itself. The image will stay with me for a long time.

I urge you all to spend some time perusing the Main Street merchants in Phoenixville, PA on First Fridays when you get a chance. Not only were the galleries plentiful, small shops dot the landscape - inviting all those who dare enter to relish in the passion and creativity that reside within.

For more news and events happening in Phoenixville - visit Phoenixville First Friday and Main Street Phoenixville.

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