Is Eight Enough?


Apparently not...

I was just reading an article on the recent birth of octuplets to a single woman in CA and am deeply troubled. The mother of these octuplets already has six children, ages 2 - 7, who were also conceived via in vitro fertilization. The woman lives with her mother and the six children in a 3-bedroom home in the LA suburbs. According to the maternal grandmother, her daughter has been obsessed with having children since she was a teenager, but was unable to have them naturally due to complications with her reproductive organs.

This woman now has FOURTEEN children under the age of eight. Think about that for a minute....I am not even sure I can fully wrap my head about the reality of having 14 children altogether - much less, having all of them under the age of eight.

What kinds of repercussions will this situation have on all of the children?!?!?  As an educator who has worked with young children (with and without special needs) since the mid 90s, I am terribly concerned about not only the physical needs of these children, but about the emotional needs of these children.

I am interested in what you all think. Feel free to comment.


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