The Catch Up and the News with Women


Been awhile, hasn't it? So what's been new? Well, so far, I've cleaned three parking spots in nearly a week. My class has been finalized with 19 students who mostly bemoan the fact that our class begins at 7:55 in the morning. I've a MacBook now, which is still a mostly foreign experience to me--mostly, I look at how shiny and new it is. When I actually use it (like now) it's to use either Safari or Word for Mac, the two programs I trust myself most with. I did play around awhile ago on Garage Band, but then had to read something--go figure. I also (finally) got out of my tiny apartment to go to Philadelphia to a concert at the Tin Angel on the 31st of January to see Aiden James and Christine Havrilla. Three friends went with me: we had dinner before, then the concert, then ice cream on a freezing January evening (it's tradition, as my Officemate knows well, when I'm at the Tin in January), then a car ride home in which we astutely (we think, anyway) critiqued the show we saw.

So, that's what's been going on with me.

The news has been an interesting place lately, especially as it relates to the topic of communities of women. There was this story from the January 28th issue of The New York Times and the debate that lasted at least til the end of that week about the authenticity of such a group of women, which you can find here.  Then, there's this story about a lesbian community in the South and this one about the evolution of single motherhood and all-female communities. It's even more interesting that all of these articles originate in the same newspaper, and it's no accident, I don't think, that the last two appeared following the questionable world of the DABA's.

It's quite the wonder, indeed, NPR blogger Linda Holmes, if the NYT did get punk'd.

Whether or not we ponder over how authentic the DABA group is, I think it's interesting that within a week, the news has become the place to be to think about, write about, and talk about communities of women. While I can think of a few colorful responses as why this is a good thing, I'll simply say this: it's about time.


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