I'm in Hen Heaven...


When I tell people I have chickens they look at me like I have eight heads and have lost my mind!

Having hens as pets is definitely a great conversation starter. I get asked the following question almost every time: "How do your chickens lay eggs without a rooster?" It's a common misconception. Think about it, though...Female species produce eggs without males - they just aren't fertilized. So - there is your Chicken Fact of the Day!

When the chicks were young they lived in a big Rubbermaid container in our sunroom. The dogs checked in on them from time to time and our cats liked to perch up on the table and keep a watchful eye.

After a couple of weeks, the baby chicks lost their downy feathers and started to sprout "big girl feathers". They LOVED flapping and rolling around in sand and dirt  - dust bathing to clean themselves.

As they got bigger, we made a small 'run' so they could spend the daylight hours outdoors. Our older hens walked the perimeter of the 'run' - voicing their discontent. You can bet Gladys was the least impressed by the new additions to our brood. From the 'run' the girls graduated to exploring the yard while I was out there to supervise.

With the passage of time, the chickens became one big (mostly) happy family...with our dogs and cats basically indifferent to their existence.

I love our Zoo and I am glad that some of you are enjoying my chickens, too! Any other chicken owners reading TBA? I'd love to hear from you!


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