Music to My Ears...

Last night I was lucky enough to catch a great show at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia. We were initially invited by our friend - who was the opening act. I am so glad that we stayed for the entire show.

Vanida Gail opened for The Cassidy Project. Vanida has put together some new songs during her two year "vacation" from active touring. I am loving the vibe of her latest efforts.

Cassidy is formerly from Antigone Rising. Cassidy opened with a classic Hall & Oates tune ("Rich Girl") and put together an amazing set. Cassidy reminds me of classic "old school" Bette Midler...reminiscent of Bette's character in the film "The Rose". Cassidy puts on a show for her audience, but nothing about her seems false or staged. Cassidy oozes music from every pour of her body. Her faces contorts and her body becomes enveloped by the music as she sings. It's refreshing to see a true artist who isn't worried about "posing" and putting on a "pretty face" for the show. There aren't many musicians that I've seen who truly put on a show that leaves you energized and begging for more.

Give 'em a listen and let me know what you think. I recommend "Wings" as a first listen....

Thought I'd share a couple pictures from the show last night.  Enjoy!

The Cassidy Project


The Tin Angel

Philadelphia, PA

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