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For many years I've been fascinated by people's handedness and whether or not a person's handedness relates to any personality traits or tendencies. I am proud to say I am left-handed...the only one in my immediate family. I only use my right hand to use scissors - for everything else I am a "south paw". Needless to say I was a "hit" on my softball team...

Since I've been in the field of special education, I've found that quite a few of us special educators happen to be left-handed. Granted I've done no official research, but I find it interesting. I also am fascinated by how left-handed people write. Most of us were likely taught to write by a right-handed person. Some of us contort our hands at an odd angle to write on paper and others seem to write easily, with their hand in a more traditional handwriting stance. I have never written with my hand twisted around in a hook-like position. I simply just turn my page at an almost-90 degree angle to compensate for keeping my hand in a more typical position. I have memories of HATING spiral notebooks because the darned spirals always got in my way when I wrote. Also I ended up with lots of pencil and ink markings on the side of my hand as it moved across the page over the text I'd just written. I remember crying a lot when I was being taught to write because it was difficult for me - particularly as a visual learner. I just had a hard time watching a right-handed person and then trying to copy that person's techniques.

I've read that historically left-handed people were ostracized for their "difference" and often forced to learn to write the "right way" (pardon the awful pun). Did you know that:

It was no coincidence that the fourth finger of the left-hand was chosen for the wedding finger in 300BC. Doctors at that time believed a nerve from this finger ran directly to the heart!

Whatever their personality quirks, it is significant that left-handers are twice as likely to qualify for membership in Mensa, and when NASA needed imaginative, reliable, multitalented astronauts to explore the moon, it turned out that 1 out of every 4 of the Apollo astronauts was left-handed, which is 250% greater than statistical probability.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about handedness.

All About Left-Handers has some great "Problems & Solutions" that relate to school, kitchen, office or factory for us left-handers.

So - any lefties reading TheBuzzAbout? What have your experiences been as a lefty? Any interesting anecdotes or stories about your life as a lefty? Feel free to share.


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