Hello there, TBA Readers!

I spent the weekend in Louisville, KY with friends and the trip back to reality has not been an easy one!

First of all, I want you to know that I LOVED Louisville. It's a great town that is full of trendy neighborhoods mixed with historical, Victorian-styled homes. We explored Cave Hill Cemetery (where Colonel Sanders is buried). We were able to spend a couple of days in the area and really enjoyed the local brews from Bluegrass Brewing Company and the amazing brunch from Ramsi's Cafe on the World.

The reason we were in Louisville was to see the Louisville Orchestra perform with Sondre Lerche, an amazing contemporary crooner who penned tunes for the movie Dan in Real Life - among other projects) and Brandi Carlile. The Louisville Symphony has a "Strings Attached" series that showcases contemporary musicians with their orchestra for some amazing musical moments. There are a few videos of Brandi Carlile's set from the show up on YouTube - if you are interested:

Sixty Years On

Fall Apart Again

I am not writing to talk about the show, however. What I found so beautiful was how the music brought a group of people together from all over the United States - and even Europe. Music has the power..it is a universal language that connects people together...people who, without that bond of music, would never have met otherwise.

With the ability to network using the immediacy of the world wide web, more and more of us music lovers are able to connect and bond. The past two years have been amazing for me. I've met people from all corners of the earth - in person and online - who share my musical interests. Concerts have become big family reunions where we all gather together. For me, music will always possess a hold over me. What an brilliant feeling, however, to know that I have musical "family" all over this earth...a family that embraces all of its relatives despite our differences.

My weekend in Louisville soothed my soul. The music embraced my weary heart and my extended music family welcomed me with open arms yet again. Have any of you experienced this connective power of music? Share your stories.


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