comprar viagra contrareembolso For TBA Chicken Fans:

For TBA Chicken Fans:

While the videos are quite riveting and exciting, they do give you a glimpse into the world of my "girls". You will note that the "girls" are quite vocal - even at a young age. I talk to them all the time and find their conversational skills to be quite advanced...but, I might be a tad biased. Have a great weekend and stayed tuned.

Baby Chicks Checkin' Things Out

Taken in May 2008, this video makes me smile! We had just brought the chicks home (only 3-5 days old in this video) and I dropped a Flip Video camera down into their container. They were quite curious. They were little black puff balls with yellow tail feathers. The red tint to the video is the light from the heat lamp we used to keep them warm when they were younger and didn't have proper feathers to keep them warm.

Cheesy Chickens


This video was shot in summer 2008. The low clucking sound you hear all Gladys. She was just outside the pen when the babies got their first taste of cheese. Now that the hens are grown up, they get quite pushy when it comes to jockeying for cheese and other treats like grapes and bread.


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