The Blessings of ADHD


Several of the TBA readers have commented about how much they appreciate my honesty when it comes to discussing my struggles and triumphs living as an adult with ADHD. For those of you new to my TBA blog, I have never taken medication for ADHD and have actually never been formally diagnosed. If you were to meet me or talk to my friends/family/coworkers there would be no hesitation when they are asked if I have ADHD.

I spent this morning reading several internet articles about the benefits and positive aspects of having ADHD and thought I'd share some links with you. So often our differences are viewed in a negative context - particularly when our differences make us stand out or difficult to interact with. I personally find that embracing differences and looking for the strengths that grow from these differences help us to live more fully and legitimately.

Living and Loving ADHD

The Gift - The Curse - The Brilliant Reality of ADHD

Living with ADHD

The Benefit of ADHD - Right Braininess?


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