A Wonderful Wintry Monday

We ended up with 9 inches of the white stuff in our neck of the woods. Overall, it was quite a relaxing "snow day" that involved lounging in my pajamas, checking in on the weather sites for the latest updates, and taking pictures of my furry, feathery kids.

Iris, our black lab, and Sierra, our yellow lab mix, enjoyed romping in the snow. But, not as much as they enjoyed snoozing on our oversized chair next to the wood stove in the sunroom.

As you can imagine, the hens were not happy about being cooped up - especially with the snow blowing through their run. After the snow tapered off I managed to shovel a path for the girls around their coop and over to the bird feeders - where they camp out looking for leftovers knocked down by the bluebirds and squirrels.

Poor Henny Penny didn't handle the frigid temperatures well at all. She preferred hunkering down in the run while the others explored their newly shoveled path. I finally relented and brought her into the sunroom to warm up by the wood stove. She enjoyed sitting on my lap for about 10 minutes - watching the local weather forecast on the news.

We added a heat lamp to their hen house for the next couple of days to help them get through the sub-zero temps that the whipping wind is sure to bring. I am sure you are thinking, "Holly's pets sure do have a rough life!"

For those of you who were a part of this East Coast snow storm, how did you spend your day? Working? Playing? What are some of your favorite winter pastimes?


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