Hens' Houses

A few of you (including Ally in CA) have asked about our hens' houses so I am going to post a couple pictures that show the evolution of our coops over the past couple of years. Their current home is my favorite (and theirs, too).

We started out with a wooden dog kennel we converted into a hen house for our first three girls.

The house had one nesting box and a roost for the girls to sleep on at night. The house was connected to a run that gave them some room to explore when we weren't home to let them "free range" in the yard.

Our second henhouse was a true "coop" that was made specifically for chickens. It had a small run attached to it, as well. We loved that it looked like a miniature barn.

Now that we have seven hens we had to graduate up to a large coop. We bought it from a company in Lancaster County, PA. It matches the color and trim of our house and is quite cute.

Tonight the hens are comfy and cozy in their coop. We have two heaters in there to keep them warm during this wintry weather. Thanks to everyone who asks questions about "Holly's Hens". I am glad you enjoy them!


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