comprar viagra contrareembolso Getting from here to there and back again - A Commuter's Journey

Getting from here to there and back again - A Commuter's Journey

Before I moved to PA I lived in SC for 8 years. During my time there I was a grad student, classroom teaching assistant, behavior therapist and weekend staff person at a group home for boys. For all of those jobs the only way to get there and back was driving. II didn't own a bike at the time and my jobs sometimes took me out to the edges of the suburbs.  did walk to class and to my job at the group home from time to time when the weather was cooperative.

When I moved to the Philadelphia area I was amazed by the commuter options available to me. Being able to hop on a regional rail line to get downtown was a new experience for me and I LOVED IT! Along with the regional rail, subway and city buses, people carpool often here. When I worked downtown in Center City back in the early 2000s I took the train into work each day - along with many other commuters. Riding regional rail is sort of like a "spectator sport uot; for me. I love people watching! The commute to/from work was quite enjoyable. If I wasn't people watching while listening to some of my fave tunes, I was reading or catching a quick nap. Every day was an adventure on the regional rail!

Now that I work out in the 'burbs and don't have access to regional rail to get to/from work, I drive every day - 20 miles one way. It takes me about 45-50 minutes to get to work. I refuse to join the bazillion other commuters who are driving on the area's major highways. Instead, I take the "scenic route". While it takes a bit longer and I am able to avoid the daily traffic snarls, the ride is more enjoyable and I get to drive through the edge of Valley Forge National Park and over little Valley Forge Mountain. All the while I am listening to my favorite radio stations - WXPN or my guilty pleasure WMMR, home of The Preston and Steve show. Yesterday, for a change I popped in a K's Choice "Live" CD and was reminded how much I love Sarah Bettens' voice.

All for a day's work...

How do you get to/from work? What are your commuter rituals? Any exciting/interesting public transit stories? Share away...I am off to make my trek into work this cool Friday morning. Bring on the weekend!


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