Ladies, Start Your Engines....

My first car was a '65 baby blue Ford Mustang. I walked out of my front door on my 16th birthday to find it wrapped in a great big red bow. I LOVED THAT CAR! One of my closest friends in high school had a 1960s Mustang, too. That car was a big hit during my high school and college years!

Just before I left for college in 1987 my dad taught me some basic car maintenance, including checking car fluids, tire pressure and how to change a flat tire. With a vintage (aka "really old and sometimes unreliable") car as my primary mode of transportation to/from college (3 hours away from home) and wherever else I went, it was critical to know the basics. I am forever grateful that my father taught me those important lessons.

Back in the day (when I was a child), mechanics were mostly men. Women left car upkeep to their husbands, fathers, brothers, etc. My paternal grandfather owned a garage and I have very clear memories of him wearing his coveralls, covered in old and grease - always with a smile on his face, though. Even today there is a great deal of sexism and discrimination in the automotive repair industry. How many female TBA readers have experienced this personally?

Lori Johnson started her own business, Ladies, Start Your Engines, in an effort to empower and educate women how to maintain their vehicles. Lori teaches "women-only" workshops (often hosted by car dealerships or the Girl Scouts or  area adult learning organizations) in an effort to provide participants with a learning environment free of fear and intimidation. Check out this short video about checking tire pressure:

Do yourselves a favor, TBA Ladies, empower yourselves (if you haven't already) and learn how to do basic car maintenance and upkeep. The economy these days makes it less likely for many of us to purchase a new car. It's critical for us to get as many miles out of our current vehicles as possible. To learn more about basic car maintenance or to request a workshop in your area, visit

Off to check my tire pressure....

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