I have been thinking about some pictures that I've taken in the past couple of years and how they make me feel when I revisit them. Most of them are shots I've taken on vacation and they trigger memories of those experiences as soon as I see them. I can almost feel the air and hear the sounds that were a part of those experiences.

The picture below was taken at the Ballard Locks in Washington in September 2008.

This sculpture was fascinating from any angle. The picture takes me back to that weekend we were there - strolling around Ballard, with no real agenda but to soak in as much of the area we could.

The next shot was taken at the bottom of the Snoqualmie Falls in Washington.

There were piles of fallen trees and limbs at the bottom of the falls that had been swept over and pulled down when the falls flooded with the winter's melting snow. The wood was smooth from "water wear". The gnarled and twisted limbs told a story of their travels down the river...

This last shot was taken in Rockefeller Plaza (NYC) in January 2009.

The area was still decorated for the holidays and this prickly object was one of the ornaments in the plaza. Aside from the throngs of tourists in the area, New York City was a great place to be during the holidays - so much to see and do.

How many of you enjoy taking photographs? What kinds of subjects do you prefer photographing? People/Places/Things? What do you do with the photos you take? Do you have a favorite type/brand of camera?

If you aren't a picture-taker I challenge you to spend some time this week snapping a few pictures or just observing things in your environment (work/home/neighborhood) more closely. See if you are able to capture the essence of those things in your memory and/or in a photograph.

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