Fishy Business

I am glad that many of you enjoyed my pond digging slideshow. Below are some pictures I snapped last weekend of the goldfish. It's so amazing to see them darting around in the water, dashing under the spitter where the bubbles are. They are quite tame and swim right up to the edge when I sit down on the stones to feed them. In the coming weeks we'll begin pulling up the lily plant off the bottom of the pond and dragging the big "elephant ear" plant back outside. It winters in our sunroom and it did quite well this year.

The speckled goldfish is a shubunkin and the orange an white ones are sarasa comets. The remaining goldfish are comets.

The pond is quite coated in algae. Algae is normal and a good amount of it in a pond is a good thing. Fish feed on the algae and snails help keep it manageable. We do not use chemicals in our pond - only natural products. Two of our local pond stores are always willing to provide us with input and advice as needed:

Fins, Feathers, Paws & Claws, Inc

Center Pont Pond

I am heading to the Poconos for some R&R this weekend and will return on Monday. I hope to get some decent enough weather to snap some pictures in the hollow where the cabin sits. In the spring it comes alive with deer, turkeys and other critters - including our two labs. See you all upon my return.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and get outside and watch the earth come alive again...welcome Spring!


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