Hoppin' with Excitement


As a part of my job I am charged with developing innovative summer programming for children who learn differently. I met with some wonderful ladies from Luv-N-Bunns yesterday. I imagine some of you might question what these wonderful ladies do based on the name of their organization. I can assure you that this group and their website are "workplace-friendly" and "kid-friendly". Trust me!

My organization will be partnering with this bunny rescue group this summer to provide foster homes (in several of our classrooms) for several bunnies. In our meeting we spoke of the importance of educating people about the proper care of bunnies and about the financial responsibilities attached to having a bunny in the family. Together we will be working to provide children with opportunities to learn about the rabbits and to help provide them with a vital experience as the bunnies are readied for their forever homes. Additionally, our kids are also going to be building rabbit hutches for the organization. I am encouraged by the opportunities that this partnership has in store for the students I support!

As Easter nears, I urge you all to do what you can to support bunny rescue organizations! So many children will receive an "Easter Bunny" this weekend  and the fear is that many of these bunnies will later be surrendered to shelters or abandoned in the wild - where they will quickly become "food' for larger wild animals. If you do want to invest in welcoming a rabbit into your family, please do yourself and the rabbit a favor and educate yourself on what raising rabbits entails (pardon the pun!). Here are a few links to help you:

Bunny Facts

Owner's Guide

So - if you are feeling the impulsive urge to surprise your family with a rabbit for Easter - please be sure it is a chocolate one or a plush toy unless you are fully prepared to welcome Bugs into your clan!


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