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I was leafing through a National Wildlife magazine and found this interesting article on the creation of wildlife corridors. The article's title, Making Connections, led to me ponder how truly connected we are on this planet. Not recognizing this vital connectedness has led to so many horrific results - not only from an environmental standpoint, by from a sociological standpoint.

Personally, I thrive on the connections that I have made throughout my life - personally and professionally, with my fellow human beings and with other creatures on this earth. Discovering that you have something in common with others can be quite comforting, exciting and truly surreal. I challenge you, TBA readers, to reflect upon your connections. How connected are you to those in your immediate surroundings? How connected are you to the wildlife that make their homes in your community/region/state?

It truly is a small, small world and it is up to us to take time to connect and take responsibility, along with our neighbors, to make sure this big blue planet gets the attention it deserves.


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