The Girls


Yesterday after work, I spent some time in the backyard with "The Girls". It was so funny watching them follow me around and wait for me to lift up rocks so they could snack on the creatures that were revealed. They enjoyed snatching up unsuspecting worms and "roley poleys" (aka pill bugs). As kids in Georgia, my cousins and I used to catch "roley poleys" for fun. As a defense mechanism the pill bugs roll up into a tiny little ball. We always let them go, though.

This weekend we'll be adding some aluminum roofing to the chicken run, clearing out the shade garden and cleaning up the pond.I love this time of year. The only down side is that it is going to be in the upper 80s - a bit hotter than I'd like, but I will take it and the bright sunshine that comes with it.

Here are some pictures I snapped one afternoon a couple weeks ago of the hens. I used my iPhone, instead of my "real camera". Please excuse the photo quality.


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