"Don't Cluck - Don't Tell"

Thanks to Kim from Kim's Corner for alerting me to this interesting NY Times article highlighting raising chickens in increasingly urban areas. Enjoy!

A Poultry Playdate...

My "girls" are quite popular with my friends' kids, ages 1 1/2 and 3 years old. Yesterday they came over to visit and the younger child, a petite little girl, stood in the yard and said, "kicken, kicken, more kicken" over and over. Too cute for words. She showed absolutely no fear whatsoever and let the hens (and Iris) follow her around the yard.

After a few previous visits, the 3 year old is now comfortable sitting on the bench in the yard as the hens hop up all around him so he can feed them bits of bread. It's quite a sight to see. He investigated the chicken coop and found great purpose in "supervising" the henhouse as three of the hens were laying eggs. I am sure they were none too pleased about the interruptions.Just before the visit was over, I schooled the kids in how to search for juicy bugs and worms with the hens. We walked around the yard, turning over rocks to reveal wiggly, tasty snacks for the hens. I still find such joy in watching children - so inquisitive and curious.

Yesterday was a good day. I am grateful for friends (old,new and feathered, too) and found joy in the simple innocence of youth as they learn and grow. I do all I can to keep my sense of wonder intact and I hope you all do, too.


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