Bargain-Hunting and Hand-Me-Downs

I am a bargain hunter and I am proud! I suppose it is in my genes. I have very vivid memories of hitting the garage sale and thrift store circuit with my mom when I was young. She didn't shop so much for knick-knacks or chotchkes - although I recollect finding some real "gems" back in the day.

We mostly shopped for clothes.

I remember that she'd review the classified ads on Friday evenings and circle Saturday's garage sales - mapping out where we'd stop first and how early we'd get up. It was a ritual that I loved! It was always an adventure.

Flash forward 30+ years to the present day and I can proudly say that I bargain shop like a pro and my mom and I love venturing over to Hilton Head Island to the thrift shops there when I am home. The great thing about bargain hunting is knowing which thrift shops have the best brands and best quality hand-me-downs. Some stores have sales on certain days. Other stores sort all of their clothing by color, not by size. Still other stores carry better name brands than others. It's all in the pre-planning and store research. Thrift shopping is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, energy and (most of all) patience.

Even now, when I go home for the holidays, my mom and always plan a trip for some "mother-daughter" bonding and some serious thrift store shopping. I return to Pennsylvania with an entire new seasonal wardrobe and rarely spend more than $100 total. It is amazing that I can find a barely-worn pair of Lucky Brand jeans (retailing at $120) for only six bucks. Sometimes I find clothes with tags still on them - now those are the best "finds" of all!

The one downside to my habit of bargain hunting and hand-me-downs is that it is quite literally painful to pay "full price" for clothing. Even if I purchase new clothes, they are on sale 90% of the time. And, the biggest compliments I get on my outfits come when I am wearing an ensemble that cost me less than $15 to put together and that I got a Good Will. Go figure! Got to love a good bargain!

I am a thrift store shopper and I am proud!

TBA Readers: Do you thrift shop or cruise the garage sale circuit? I'd love to hear your stories and maybe pick up some bargain hunting techniques and learn about great thrift shops in your neck of the woods.

Until next time...happy bargain hunting!

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