A Trip to The Zoo

Henhouse Happenings...

A while back some of my young TBA readers asked if I could take pictures or video the hens inside their henhouse.
I found this video I shot this winter and thought I'd share it.

It was shot after the hens had gone in to roost one night. Their "night light" was still on so that they could get enough light to keep laying eggs. The "night light" was on a timer and went off at bedtime...around 9:00 PM. Hens need 12-14 hours of light per day to keep a regular laying cycle. The shorter days in the winter months usually mean that the hens don't lay regularly -  or at all - because of less daylight hours. Having a "night light" allows us to get at least 4-5 eggs per day all year long. The white panel behind the hens, attached to the wall, is a radiant heater to keep them warm on the colder nights. The noisy hen is Gladys, of course. What a Diva! As you can see, the hens are quite curious.

Swimmin' Around...

I also found some video of our fish pond from last summer. This video showcases some of our little fish, born in Spring 2008 - including Blacky and Shrimpy - named so because of their scale colors. Sadly, Blacky swam up to the Big Fish Pond in the Sky soon after this video was shot. Shrimpy is a big fish now and is doing well. I love how the fish swim right up to the surface when I am there - waiting for a treat. They even swim across my hands if I put them in the water. So sweet.

The Whiner...

Lastly I bring you a short video of Iris, our black lab, AKA "The Whiner". We call her Chewbacca sometimes because her whining sometimes resembles Chewbacca's sounds. Notice how Sierra, our 13 year old yellow lab, is working those "sweet puppy dog eyes" to the max. Iris doesn't hesitate to let us know when she wants to eat or wants us to make one of our cats move off HER dog bed. It amazes me that a 70 lb dog is not brave enough to stand up to a small gray kitten. HA!

Never a dull moment in our house.

Hope you enjoy the videos!

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