Do What You Love - Love What You Do


I am a huge fan of Life is Good products and the title of this entry comes from that company.

I work with students with special needs. Every day I am amazed at their abilities, affinities and passions. One student is an expert on turtles. He knows EVERYTHING (well, almost) about turtles. Another student has the voice of an angel when she sings and finds great comfort in music. It amazes me when I think that she came to our school as a young child who was completely disregulated and tantrumed constantly and has now found her way. For some of these kids a big bear hug is all it takes to soothe their restless, anxious souls. For others, a gentle touch  or a misinterpreted comment is enough to send them into a rage.

Just this morning I watched as a student spoke confidently about his interest in horses and working with them. He is quite motivated by his work with horses and we have arranged for him to volunteer at a stable this summer - helping other kids learn to care for horses. Today was his first meeting with the managers at the barn. Two years ago this student struggled to make it through the day without having sensory meltdowns that included high-pitched screams/sounds, sprawling out on the floor in the middle of a lesson or provoking his peers. He exceeded expectations today and we are so proud of his efforts! This young man has found something that he loves and he wants so much to do more and be helpful. It is my hope that he will continue to become more skilled and that he may one day work with horses in the field of equestrian therapy. It is his gift and he is recognizing it.

It's taken me 12+ years to get to this place in my life professionally and I can say that I love what I do! I don't know many people who do what they love and love what they do. The journey to this place in my life has not been an easy one, but I am grateful for all of the detours, struggles and bumps along the way. The young people that I interact with every day make me smile and remind me of what is right and true and important in this world. I am a lucky gal. The students who I spend time with are on a journey that will hopefully lead them to love what they do and do what they love as successfully and independently as possible.

What say you, TBA readers?

How many of you do what you love and love what you do? What inspires you? What are you passionate about?

For each of us - our inspirations and passions can be so very different. None are more important or valuable than the other. We each must embrace the journey (no matter how short or long) we are on to do what we love and love what we do.


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