Hiking in Crum Woods

Thought I'd share some pictures I snapped during our hike yesterday in Crum Woods - a part of the Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore College. It was a beautiful day! The dogs had a blast and we almost stepped on a snake. YIKES!

Backyard Buddies

After our hike I camped out in the backyard with my camera - snapping pictures of the hens, the dogs and our cats. We enjoyed the warm afternoon sun. What a perfect way to end the long weekend. Oh, and a baby dove was camped out in our shrubs. He'd been spooked out of his nest and flew into the shrub yesterday. By the evening he'd flown down to the base of the tree on the side of the house where his nest was.

TBA Readers - What does your ideal weekend look like?

My ideal weekend usually involves good music, good friends and some quality time with nature. I rarely get all three in a weekend. But, I can dream, right?

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