The Pursuit of Happiness


I frequent a site called Soul Pancake and found a recent question posed there to be quite thought-provoking:

Is our misguided pursuit of happiness the source of our misery?

In our efforts to be happy or find happiness are we missing out or becoming more miserable? This question reminded me of a well-known quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Life is a journey, not a destination.

The pursuit of happiness is also one of the inalienable rights laid out in the Declaration of Independence, along with life and liberty.

I know some people spend so much time, money and energy in this pursuit  of happiness that they 1) burn out, 2) miss out and/or 3) bail out. I imagine it is rather easy to lose sight of the happiness that surrounds us every single day because we are looking too far ahead for something else.

I believe happiness is all around us and is in the smallest, seemingly insignificant things and actions that make up our day-to-day existence.

What is HAPPINESS? What makes you happy? What does it mean to "be happy"?

Have you found yourself getting lost in the pursuit of happiness? How do you find your way back?

What say you, TBA Readers?

I am not a huge country music fan, but love this song by Martina McBride called "Happy Girl":


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