Weekend Update

I enjoyed a long weekend hiking at Evansburg State Park, enjoying dinner with friends, marveling in the most brilliant sunset I've seen in recent years and capping it all off with an afternoon watching the Phillies v. the Mets. I managed to snap some pictures and video this weekend and couldn't wait to share them with you.

On Saturday, we drove to Evansburg State Park to let the pups romp in the creek...on the ride out there both dogs were hanging their heads out the window and Johnny Cash came on the radio singing "I've Been Everywhere" and it was just PERFECT. See for  yourself:

I also snapped some new pictures of the hens in the backyard. I know it's been a while since the hens have made an appearance on TBA.com. Here's one of my favorite shots from yesterday:

Our backyard friends were in full-force yesterday, too. Including sparrows, squirrels, cardinals and our newest former tadpole, now adorable frog.

Finally, I leave you with two shots that really leave me breathless. One is of our water lily in the pond and the other is of the sunset yesterday evening as we waited for the Skippack Fireworks show.

Who needs fireworks with sunsets like this?!!?

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