A Slave to my iPhone

I promised you all that I'd post about iPhones before my vacation and I've let you down. For this, I apologize.

Now, let's get down to business.

I had a first generation iPhone up until Spring 2009. I then upgraded to the iPhone 3GS and now I am putty when it is in my hands. It's ridiculous how much I am addicted to it. I admit that I am a big technology geek. It's OK. I own my geekiness!

I have had a couple of iPhone cases over the past year or so. I must admit that I am REALLY HARD on my phone. I drop it often and bang it into stuff ALL THE TIME. This one time ("at band camp") I was getting out of a van at work and the phone slipped from my front pocket, face down, onto the asphalt. A few barely-noticeable nicks later and it is no worse for the wear. WHEW!

Ultimately I decided to just get a screen cover for the front and a gelaskin for the back. I will leave the rest up to Mother Nature and my klutziness. For some great skins for your iPhone (including free screensavers/wallpapers to match) go to www.gelaskins.com.

Since getting the iPhone 3GS I've been able to put ALL of my iTunes library on my phone. Before the 3GS I couldn't fit my entire library on my phone. Back then it was sad to have to choose which songs would make the cut. Now I have EVERYTHING from my iTunes on my phone and I love it.

Did I mention how fast the 3GS network is? Holy Hannah - It's FAST!

As far as iPhone Apps, I will tell you the ones that get the most use on my iPhone:


Accuweather (I ADORE their radar feature and 15 day outlook. Nothing is quite as exciting as tracking a storm! See...I told you I am a geek!)

TweetDeck (Jury is still out on this app - although initial impressions are good!)

Facebook (This is my LIFELINE!)

Tipulator ( I no longer have to rely on someone else to calculate tips. Heck, now I can calculate tips and then split the check for up to 25 people. LOVE IT!)

iLike Concerts (Love getting updates on my favorite artists and when they'll be playing in my neck of the woods!)

I also am enjoying the following "FREE" game apps:

TapWord (A Boggle knock-off!)

Unblock Me


10Thousand (It's FARKLE, but more fun!)

So - Tell me, TBA Readers, what apps are you most fond of? I am always looking for new "time sucks"!

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