Introducing Cooper (AKA Mini Coop)...

Cooper and Mama B finally arrived home from Colorado late Tuesday night. He's a complete sweetheart with a stubborn streak. He wants so very badly to play with the big dogs, but they are slow to warm up to him. About our cats - they are camped out upstairs and won't come down. They have managed to venture down to the den to eat some food that we've placed on an end table. Poor Little Cooper doesn't know any different and is just so eager to investigate.

He's 10 weeks old and about the size of a men's shoe. He hasn't met the chickens yet. He'll need to complete his round of puppy shots before heading into the big back yard. In the meantime, he is full of energy and takes these AWESOME 90-minute naps curled up right on our laps. When he's pooped out a begs to be picked up so he can nestle into your lap. It's adorable.

I've struggled with a respiratory infection this past week and having this little bundle of love on my lap while we nap makes it all feel so much better. Welcome home, Cooper!

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