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For the past two weeks I've been sick with an upper respiratory infection which morphed into a touch of bronchitis. Today is the first day that I feel like I might have turned a corner health-wise. I woke feeling less congested and better rested. For those of  you TBA readers who've come to know me here, I have to say that being sick is NO FUN for this spazzy gal. I don't do well when I don't have my normally high energy levels and enthusiasm. It's a struggle for me to simply rest. I've spent the last two weeks working a bit and then forcing myself to stay home and recouperate. It's not been easy.

While at home I struggled with things to keep me occupied while I rest. After all, I can't JUST rest...that is too boring. For a while TV shows such as Clean House, Intervention and House Hunters kept my attention. Surfing the 'net was a close second. I knew my body needed the time to heal, but it took all my focus to NOT overextend myself. I have discovered that I enjoy MindJolt games on Facebook - especially Cube Crash and ClickSum. I also have fallen victim to a game called Bejeweled Blitz. Talk about a big old "time suck"...these games can quickly steal hours of your time if you let them.

So, TBA readers, do you have any resting rituals when you are feeling sick? Do you watch TV, read, surf the 'net? Or do you simply do what you should and rest your mind and body? Any tips you can offer this recovering hyperactive, highly distractible gal would be greatly appreciated.

I am headed to work shortly to finish off this week. I am so glad to have another low-key weekend. Here's hoping I am able to get some rest. To all of you out there, take your vitamins, wash your hands and stay healthy!

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