Wintry Hens & A Snowy Day


We got our first snow here in PA yesterday - only a couple of inches, but still a lovely sight.

I love the snow. Growing up in GA we rarely had any kind of wintry weather aside from an occasional few nights of lows in the 30s. As a child I remember playing outside on Christmas Day in shorts with the sun shining and temps in the 70s. Other times we'd have to brave an icy mix in order to travel to our relatives' houses for the holidays.

I find such peace when it is snowing. It is so beautiful and quiet.

Cooper was not too keen on walking his short legs around in the white stuff, though. He "tiptoed" gently through it and then begged to go back inside. Dachshunds are really built for cold temps/snow. Cooper has quite a wardrobe as a result.

The hens do not like to walk around in the snow. Consequently they decided to hunker down in the arbor vite and in the run when the ground became too covered with snow. Here are a few pictures I snapped of them this morning as they snuggled on the roost and fluffed their feathers to keep their chicken feet warm and toasty.

(NOTE: There are only 5 hens in the picture because one hen was laying an egg at the time. I still have six girls and love them all!)

Looking forward to more snowy days this winter season. Wishing you all a winter full of peace & quiet and love & laughter.

TBA Readers - Do you have any winter traditions or activities that you look forward to each year? Would love to hear about them.

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