Gone, but not forgotten...

In between two record-setting snow storms that hit our area over the past week, we had to say goodbye to our 13 year old yellow lab mix, Sierra. She lived a long, happy life with us.

Her last jaunt in the woods came last summer. Following that outing, her health began to steadily decline. She had developed spinal arthritis which directly impacted her mobility. She was no longer able to run for long periods of time and eventually required assistance to stand up. She became lethargic and spent most of her time resting on her dog bed. She no longer could sleep upstairs with us. The stairs were out of the question. She watched as Iris and Cooper romped around with ease.

This week Mama B took her back to the vet to reasses pain meds to help her cope with her arthritis. While there, the vet discovered that her spleen had ruptured and her liver functioning had been impaired. The only thing (the right thing) we could do was to let her have some "dignity". Mama B waited at the vet until I could get there from work. Together we sat with Sierra as Dr. Brown (the best vet ever!!) administered the meds. Mama B cradled Sierra's head in her hands as I rubbed her ears - she had the softest ears. Within minutes, Sierra took her last breath and passed away. She looked like she just drifted off to sleep.

Iris and Cooper, her canine siblings, miss her. They are coping well, however. We washed Sierra's dog beds today and cleaned her dog bowl for the last time. I found myself calling her to come in from the backyard this afternoon. It feels as if she will be home soon...back with us. I know she's in dog heaven romping effortlessly with her friends who went before her...that she can finally chase a tennis ball and catch it in the air - her favorite thing to do!

We will see her again. Until then, rest in peace, Sweet Girl.

TBA Readers, I'd love to hear some of your stories about your pets (past and present).

Our pets are truly parts of our families. Some of our pets are with us for a long time and others are with us only for a brief while. No matter the period of time they are with us, our pets are a valued part of our lives and saying goodbye to them is never easy. Looking forward to hearing your pet stories.

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