One Big Happy Family

The weather this weekend reminds me more of summer than of spring. Highs in the upper 80s - almost 90 degrees! Our nephew came over for a camp-out in the backyard. After we built a small raised bed garden frame, we went to the creek with Iris, the black lab.

We left Cooper at home as he was exhausted from being outside with us in the sun all morning. We found colonies of tadpoles that were newly-hatched in the creek. Groups of them were so dense that they formed a solid black mass. WILD.

We got home and had a watermelon treat. Cooper LOVES watermelon! He's a silly dog. The good thing about having him eat watermelon is that it keeps him hydrated. He didn't mind sharing the watermelon with his sister hens. I am not sure they were as willing to share, though.

As the sun set, we prepared for a camp-out in our Timeout Camper. It's so fun! We have a queen-sized mattress in there and we have a camp table and two chairs. It's a glorified tent that is up off the ground so things don't get damp or wet as easily.

The chirping birds woke me up at 5 AM this morning and the hens followed suit at 6 AM. Am thinking I might need a nap this afternoon once the nephew is on his way home. YAWN.

All in all, a great weekend. I hope all of you TBA readers are enjoying the Spring so far! Summer will be here before we know it...

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