I've been called squishy recently waaaay too many times.

Just a quick little blog to let you know what's going on in the world of jenn levo!

So, recently several nights a week have been taken up with bike racing at Portland International Raceway. I love racing here as I love the flat and the fast, but recently in the open women's division we've been plagued with an alarming amount of crashes. Two Mondays ago, June 1st, I was in the final sprint to the finish when out to my left, one girl lost control of her bike and crashed it into the back end of another rider... taking three women overall out of the race. Crashes happen in fast sprints like this, it comes with the territory; but in this case, it took this rider at least 15 minutes to regain conciseness. Normally the injuries are road rashes and cuts and scrapes and broken bikes, but Kmac from Team Ironclad went down and went down hard. The ambulance came, she came to, and ended up at the hospital with brain and collarbone injury and a tube down her throat.  Update.

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