some people really hate naked people...


So recently you may recall me talking about Portland's participation in the World Naked Bike Ride, how it's first big year it maybe had 500 people, then the following 800, and then last summer 2,000... well, this past weekend broke all records as over 5,000 people (in varying degrees of nakedness) rode through downtown Portland. I'm sure if you do an internet search of naked, bike, portland, you'll find tons of videos and photos of the event - who can let a photo op like that pass by? - but out of all of them, this one in particular rose to the surface.

Apparently, a man stood on a corner of the street with his video camera and repeatedly yelled to the cyclists "get raped you degenerate scum" and then posted it on youtube with a not so friendly note attached.

(Warning, there maybe some nudity and a foul word here)

From DivineFellowship on YouTube (no, I’m not making this crap up.)

“Culture vandals took to the streets tonight to express their hatred for Christian culture and the moral culture their parents believed in, and their ancestors built up carefully over many centuries. I felt impelled to preach to a mass of degenerate or misguided Whites I came upon in Portland, Oregon who were riding naked through the streets on bicycles. I’ve learned to keep a camera with me, because what I’m seeing of the collapse of Gentile culture is astounding. A silly naked man standing next to me natters to me that “our civilization is based on mutual respect.” (I don’t appreciate having to have a conversation w/a naked man. I consider his nakedness extremely disrespectful!) But our civilization is based primarily on MORALITY. And the whole point of his nakedness, and the crowd’s, was to show DISRESPECT for the moral culture around them, and they disrespected everyone in town. We have a moral culture that took aeons for their ancestors to create. At the time of this event I assumed it involved mostly heterosexuals, and found it heartbreaking. This coincided with a week of so-called “gay pride” events. Apparently this parade was organized by some perverts with the ruse that it was to ‘protest too many cars downtown.’ I don’t know how running around naked makes any point about the austerity, self-abnegation, and discipline required to renounce the automobile, so that’s basically insane. Clearly it is an excuse for some young people to have a thrill, and others to get turned on by being sexual exhibitionists, and others to mock the religious values of their grandfathers and grandmothers, and for gays to tear down moral restraints, generally.”

What I love about this guys thoughts is that even though the ride had nothing to do with the fact it was also "Pride" weekend here in Portland, he had to throw the "gays" in there when talking about morality. Naked Bike Ride is a bike related event that coincides with Pedalpalooza, a two week long festival to celebrate bikes in Portland. In fact, all over Portland on June 13th you could find naked bike riders and it had nothing to do with Pride. I love how he feels ashamed that "white heterosexuals" would behave in this manner, like public nudity belongs to the racial minorities and the gay. Really, this kinda stuff makes me just want to bang my head on the wall.


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