Shake the Dust...

Last week I had the great pleasure of wondering over to the new Albina Press on Hawthorne Street to see a good old friend of mine from college, Anis Mojgani, preform some of poems of his with other several writers. Anis never fails to make me smile. Even from when he used to be the coxswain for our rowing team at SCAD, he would command and steer our boats with the utmost precision; yet... he never barked out orders. Anis respected us, he saw that we were not a pack of wild dogs who needed discipline and would bark or bite back. No, he spoke to us in the same way he recites his poetry, calm and collected, but so full of energy and life.

Anis has a way of capturing and speaking the english language that at one point, is so clear and simple yet at the same time, it conveys so much profound emotion... it just hits you square in the chest and takes your breath away. Listening to him is almost as if a veil is being lifted off your brain and in that process, all the colors in the room become brighter and more clear and all the dreams you had as a child, sitting under the big oak tree in your neighbor's yard, comes flooding back. And you smile...

Thanks Anis once again... you never fail to amaze.


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