2010... things to do.

So, this is my year end assessment of 2009 and my things to do in 2010 note.Like I always say, I had never been one for New Years resolutions. I always tended to make my goals at the beginning of an upcoming school year; but alas.... I am no longer 21 and I find life for most adults, me included, revolves from January to January as opposed to August to June, three months of holiday and then back to August again. So... here goes.

2009 Yearly Assessment* of goals and realizations and probable outcomes:

1- find a dentist and go

(check... now, I just have to work on the whole flossing everyday thing.)

2- find a personal dr. and go

(check... several times, it doesn't hurt that she's cute)

3- put money into a travel fund for chile/argentina

(check...I did do this, but right now that money seems to be funneled into traveling to Sweden this summer as well as new bike and new snowboard funds.)

4- eat more meals at home

(I actually did do a slightly better job of this than I was doing half-way through the year. For this, I commend my girlfriend and her excellent cooking, our general lack of funds, and the idea that we would rather sleep in on a saturday and sunday morning and eat pancakes in our pj's than get dressed up and go stand in line to have brunch.)

5- spend more quality time with anna, my dog

(This year, Anna went sooo many places with me. We went camping all summer long and I've learned that she is a great dog to have around by the campfire (most of the time) and at the park because she is obsessed with me and will go everywhere I go. We've had great opportunities to bond this year.)

6- call my mom more often

(ummm.... could be better. This will go on the 2010 list of things.)

7- hug more

(check :)

8- let some things go

(check :)

9- have a good first season in bike racing

(see related post)

10- be a good and safe bike commuter

(sorry about the cussing thing) :|

11- be more focused at work

(where do you think I wrote this? Just kidding!)

12- don't be late for spin class

(I was doing much better at this, but then my spin class hit a mid-summer slack and it got cancelled. No worries though, within a few months I was working at a new gym with new members who are ten times more enthusiastic about class than my former folks. It doesn't hurt that classes these days aren't at 5:30am like they used to be, which also makes it easier for me to not be late!)

13- read more

(I kinda sucked at this this year. It makes my 2010 list as well.

14- knock off Mt. Hood (or some other glaciated peak) this year

(On Memorial Day I climbed South Sister. Check! However, this still needs to be on my 2010 list.)

15- floss more, always always floss more

(see goal number one)

16- use less single use plastics

(check. I was very pleased with my limited consumption of plastic and remembering to bring grocery bags with me when I go to the store. Regardless, plastics in our environment is still a massive issue and I will continue with this campaign through 2010 as well.

17-sketch and doodle more

Actually, I didn't do so bad at doing this.... but, much like flossing and reading, it can always be improved upon in 2010.

*My mid year assessment of 2009 can be found here...


2010 Goals for the future:

1- floss more, always always floss more

(see last year)

2- knock off credit card debit

(i've actually been working on this for the past three years and I'm happy to say that the majority of my debit that I accrued in college in the years after, is almost paid completely off. I've been so much better since 2006 about not using my credit cards (unless I'm buying airfare)... and after that gets completed, I can use that money to finishing paying my dad for the Levoru.)

3- call my mom (and my brother) more often

4- call my friends who live far far away and are never on facebook more often

(i have a tendency to only communicate via facebook)

5- put money into a travel fund for chile/argentina as well as sweden

(basically, save more money)

6- eat more fruits and vegetables

(one cannot survive and be strong on beer alone)

7- spend more quality time with anna, my dog

(I can never do too much of this)

8- more date nights

(who doesn't like to get dolled up every once and while and spend QT (quality time) with someone they love?)

9- be more focused at work

10- sketch and doodle more

11- read more

12- keep spin class fresh and exciting

13- knock off Mt. Hood (or some other glaciated peak like Adams) this year

14- use less single use plastics

15- pay it forward

(I was overwhelmed by the response I had from my friends regarding my stolen snowboard. As a result the best way to repay kindness someone has showed you, is to show and share with someone else that kindness.)

16- work hard at being a better biker

(no longer am I concerned about having faster 2k erg time like I did in college, but I can still be just as competitive and OCD as I was then- but this time when it comes to bike racing. I'm gonna be a CAT 3 soon and I really want to do well at the crits's as well as hammer it down at the track. Read a full report here.)

17- get my website done!!!

(and do a better job of having a quick turn a round time for freelance clients)

18- do the dishes more frequently

19- download less free music that you're never going to listen to more than once

20- hug more, smile more, make more people laugh, make the world a better place

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