that's the best news I heard all week!!!


(even Obama is a fan!)

The best thing that I read this week was a study by some researcher who discovered using data from a Government health survey of American Adults, is that people who drink regularly seem to exercise more often than those who shun the "drink". It also determined that folks who average more than a drink or two a day may be the most active. As well, the researchers found that in general, the amount of time people devote to exercise seems to correlate with the amount of alcoholic drinks they have each month. Compared with those who 'abstain', those who were considered "heavy drinkers" (46-76 drinks in the past month) exercised for an average of 20 more minutes per week while the "moderate drinkers" (15-45) averaged an extra 1o minutes more each week! And when those drinkers exercised, they usually were more cardiovasculary intense than the light drinkers and abstainers.

The lead researcher, Dr. Michael T. French had this to say about the results:

"We certainly would not advocate that abstainers should start drinking or light drinkers should start drinking heavily as a way to increase their exercise," lead researcher Dr. Michael T. French, of the University of Miami. But, he added, the fact that people who drink, at varying levels, are all generally more active than non-drinkers is a finding "worth exploring further." One potential reason for the link, French noted, is that some regular drinkers use exercise as a way to counteract the calories from alcohol. It's also possible that drinking at "responsible" levels is a maker of a generally healthy lifestyle, the researcher said. For its part, relatively heavy drinking might be part of a "sensation-seeking" lifestyle for some people, French and his colleagues speculate. Some heavier drinkers may, for example, be the types who tend toward more-adventurous outdoor activities like skiing or rock climbing. Others may play team sports, which often includes a trip to the bar after a game. French pointed out that excessive drinking and alcohol abuse — any drinking habits that are harmful to a person's work, relationships or health — are well known to have "serious psychological and physical consequences." Moderate drinking, on the other hand, has been linked to potential health benefits, including a decreased risk of heart disease. While part of that might be attributed to moderate drinkers' overall lifestyle — which, based on this study, includes higher exercise levels — research also suggests that alcohol has some direct benefits, like elevated levels of "good" HDL cholesterol. -msnbc

Well then, it looks like I'm not the only one who's motivation to work out is fueled by beer. And, that's good to know but not really that all surprising since most of the folks I'm involved with in playing sports are also the same people that I'm involved with when it comes to drinking. I guess it's just nice to hear some truth and facts behind what I've known all along. I just want some kid to bring up this study to his health teacher when they talk about drinking leading you to lose all ambition in life. Drinking, just kinda lubricates it I've found.

Also in the same vein... was this study by Spanish researchers who discovered that a pint of beer post workout or match is better at rehydrating the human body than water. It's believed from the tests that were conducted, that the sugars, salts, and bubbles in beer may help the body absorb fluids more quickly than flat water. I mean, yeah... gatorade probably does the same thing... but it's not as much fun as grabbing a pint at the pub with your teammates after the game. Of, if your on my soccer team.... why wait till you leave the field?

And... while we're on this delicious topic, tomorrow in Portland is the one day Biketobeerfest at Hopworks Organic Brewery. What is biketobeerfest you may ask? Well, it's a totally carfree and free event for everyone from noon to 10pm that features things like a huffy toss, marching bands, live rock bands, bike crafts, handbuilt bicycle show and tell, bmx trick riding expo, roller races, bike dancing, and a rodeo for bike shop employees -whew- and that's just one day!!!! And... what event at a brewery would be complete without beer? Yep, Hopworks has even brewed up two limited edition beers for the event.

So, it looks like with all this beer laden news, most likely I'll be doing what i mostly do on the weekends and everyday during the week... engage myself in heavy exercise and then have a beer afterwards. To health, right?



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