For all you bicycle lovers and riders: did you know how wonderfully stylish you are?  Check this out, courtesy of The New York Times Style & Fashion section.

Frankly, I don't think I'm all that stylish whilst on Margery (my bike which, yes, I named, and yes, I named after Margery Kempe) and I think it would take an exceptionally special person to find anything remotely close to endearing seeing yours truly with my cycling kit.  Thing is, unless I'm riding to work or to the library, I could really care less what other people on various towpaths think of my cycling attire.  Nonetheless, the article made me smile to think of Range Rovers, Sub-Zero fridges, and Louis Vuitton while I'm pedaling around the, at times, exceptionally deceptive hills in my neighborhood.

Whether it's in the realm of fashion or the appearance of more bike lanes, it's good to see cities taking a more active role in developing alternative transportation models. Kudos to that!

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