Let My People Give Back...

This is a nice little video that the folks from 1% for the Planet put together to feature companies who contribute a specific amount of their annual sales to environmental groups around the world. Since 2002, 1,235 companies have donated money to over 1,800 environmental groups through 1% for the Planet. 1% may not seem like much at first, but just about in all the little ways it helps when you multiply it. In fact, many of the companies that you may see everyday or in your neighborhood might be part of the collective. Take for example Patagonia, New Belgium Beer, Clif/Luna Energy Bars and the singer Jack Johnson, they all donate 1% of their sales to help drive positive environmental change, gain recognition for their responsibility, and promote further action on the part of consumers and other companies.

In fact, despite the recent economic downturn, the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy took a survey and it turns out that several of the companies who contribute to 1% FTP had one of their best years ever. One reason for this success is these companies commitment to sustainability and strong value oriented brands in a market leaning heavily towards responsible business.

This is a longer segment of the video which features Portland's own Natalie Ramsland, who creates and makes Sweetpea bikes. (And, honestly, these bikes are pretty sweet. I covet!) Natalie said that she was inspired to join 1% FTP by her business hero Yvon Chouinard (who incidentally enough, is also my hero when it comes to making money and giving back to the community and the environment - read his book, Let My People Go Surfing) and that when she first joined 1%, there wasn't even a cycling category for companies. Since then however, 52 other Oregon companies have joined, including a bunch of great cycling companies. Anyways, this is a great little video. I love how it not only captures the message of 1% FTP, but also Natalie, her awesome bikes, and a lovely fall day in Portland.

Also, fellow local racer and bike blogger extraordinaire Heidi Swift did a great write up on Natalie and her bikes. I suggest you check it out.


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