weekend RR&R projects


If you're like me, you sometimes have a lot of random items laying around your house that you're "saving" for some craft project down the line. You don't specifically have a plan laid out yet to what you're gonna do, what you're gonna need, but when the mood strikes, the opportunity presents itself, or you find yourself laden with a massive amount of time (time, wtf is that?) you can dig into your "craft box" and magic will happen!

So, in the theme of reducing, reusing and recycling items I bring you these two projects that can help you find additional usage out of some plastic bags or old bike tubes you might have laying around the house.

The first one is making an ipod case out of old bike tubes, similar to this:

Directions are here.

Don't forget, your bike tubes can also be cut up to make patches for your current bike tubes or even sliced to make elastic straps which take the place of expensive store bought bungees.

Another great project is making a messenger bag out of grocery store plastic bags. The whole thing can be watched on this great little instructional video.

The coolest thing about this project is the melting of plastic bags together to make a really strong material, which can then be sewed (take caution little kids!). Basically, after watching this, my mind is running at full tilt with the possibilities of cool things I could make with standard plastic bags. Get those creative juices flowin folks and have a great and productive or really lazy weekend, your choice. :)


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