On the Shelf, pt. 4

Here's what I'm reading this week. Chances are I'll have more to say about the first item tomorrow, if I can finish the book tonight!

The Song is You by Arthur Phillips (2009).  I heard of this book through this review by Laura Miller over at Salon.com.  I must say I was drawn to it because of the following sentence in the review: "A wary tribute to the perils and allure of popular art, it tells a story in which the main character's iPod plays a role as pivotal as Puck's in "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  I'm about halfway through it (thanks to an exceptionally lazy Sunday consisting of only grocery shopping, listening to the Phillies game on the radio, and reading) and hopefully I'll have more to say tomorrow!

The latest issue of Bicycling magazine.

'But yet sche left not the world al hol:' Margery Kempe's 'gostly labowrs.' (2009)  Don't look for this at your nearest bookstore--it's my dissertation chapter which is (at last and at least) drafted in its entirety.  And now, to revise!

In other news: If you haven't already found it on your own, please check out the "Reviews" page for a live "5 in 5" interview with Amy Ray.  I'm exceptionally glad to know I'm not the only person in the world with one signature dance move.  Now, I will consider myself in good company. Thanks to Lisa for the interview!

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