Updates from the Homefront...

Summer is almost here and the fish are lovin' the warmer temperatures in the pond. The tadpoles are sprouting legs and the snails are working overtime to keep the algae at bay. Our resident toad frog didn't make it through the winter, but our baby fish managed to survive the frigid temps.

Cooper made a new friend this weekend. He was so gentle and sweet and quite relieved (I think) to have a playmate that was closer to his size. This is my favorite picture of them together!

Cooper's parents had a litter of puppy 3 weeks ago (two boys and a girl). They are too cute for words.

By summer's end we'll be the proud parents (again) of another dappled dachshund. His name will be Oskar (after one of our favorite brewing companies, Oskar Blues, in Colorado where he was born). I can't wait to see how Cooper handles being a big brother. Prepare for CUTENESS overload once Oskar arrives!

The hens have been spending more time in their henhouse run lately since they've managed to destroy the mulch beds around the patio. I know they can't help themselves, but I wish they'd be better listeners. They love roaming around the yard. Here's hoping the border fencing we are putting up with do the trick so they can be "free" again.

In other (music) news...

Brandi Carlile turned 29 yesterday and we are headed down to Atlantic City to see her show at House of Blues. Vienna Teng and Alex Wong are opening for her. I can't wait! We'll also be in Norfolk, VA to catch Brandi's show there this weekend. Gotta love a road trip! Will travel for good tunes!

Still trying to figure out if we can swing Cayamo 2011 (www.cayamo.com). Anyone have $3000 we can borrow? Since we put in a new heater in our 175+ farmhouse our "Fun Funds" have been greatly diminished. Sometimes being a responsible adult is no fun at all.

I'll save my latest music-related obsession (GLEE) for another post. It's ridiculous how much I love that show and its music.


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