Five for Summer

It's funny because off the top of my head I can't tell you what music I'm really looking forward to for the summer. My summer soundtrack is one that is more often than not... played in reverse. It's a song that comes across my speakers deep in the winter and takes me back to some bright summer day, or some hot summer night ;) It's a song and a moment that is only realized months after it happens. Nevertheless, these are five songs that I would say at some point or another, have been songs of the summer for me as well as being generally good songs to drive out to the beach with. So, feel free to add these to your summer playlist... and while you're at it... turn off the AC, roll down the windows, and stick your arms out the window like airplane wings... and soar along with the landscape quickly passing by you in the summer breeze.

No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley

Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls

Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkel

Sloop John B - Beach Boys

Rolling Sea - Vetiver

Bonus: Something Like That - Tim McGraw

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