App Curiosity and My Puzzle Addiction

I own an iPhone, and recently purchased an iPad. I know, I know. But you know they say, Once you go Mac, you never go back.

Not too shabby for an old girl, and I love my puzzle games. I downloaded a free game, entitled "Compression HD" on my iPad. I am always a little hesitant to download free apps, because nothing's ever free. So, I wrote to the developer. He wrote back, and answered my questions about the game, provided insight on development, and explained "Compression" really is free, no strings attached. On your iPhone, you can download "Compression lite" for free, my fellow puzzle lovers.

I have no affiliation with them, and heck, if it's's about as good a business model as we have here on TBA. (I tease.)

I recommend "Compression," and here's a few excerpts from my Email correspondence asking about the game, etc:

"Compression HD is a fast paced, block dropping, strategy game, where the danger comes at you from all directions.  Quick planning, and careful observation, are the keys to scoring high on the online scoreboards.  Adopting a gritty industrial theme, accompanied by dark and moody background music, Compression HD adds some bite to the puzzle game genre.

Compression was created by husband and wife team, Craig and Lindi Kemper, who run Little White Bear Studios out of their home.  Craig was the programmer and artist on the project, while Lindi was instrumental in co-designing the look and general gameplay.  The game was created over a three month period.  The first month involved designing the game on paper, and building a basic working prototype.  The prototype was used to narrow down the gameplay aspects, allowing for quick changes to be made and then tested, to see what was fun.  The second and third months involved creating a world for the game to live in.  Designing the menu system, and coding the general flow of getting around in the game, took quite a while.  Most of the third month involved creating the artwork and animations that defined the look of the game, making it more than just another block dropping game.  Once the game was completed, it was passed off to Atomicon (, who came up with a brilliantly dark theme song, and immersive sound effects.  After a round of testing by a core group of beta testers, Compression was submitted to the App Store, where Apple quickly approved it."

Check them out at

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