Summer Rolling Along

Emerging from a post-teaching 1500 years of British Literature in six weeks haze, some quick things for now:

In case you didn't see it, TBA readers, you simply must check out this video, courtesy of Jezebel. It's Jewel performing undercover karaoke, and the woman's reaction at minute 4:03 and the guy at the end are simply priceless. I had to share.

Also: two albums that have been in my rotation lately: Spouse's RELOCATION TACTICS (no, I'm not shouting. That's how the type appears, and I like to be correct about these things), a fun album whose hooks and melodies stick with you long after the album has ended. Bonus: You'll hear Erin McKeown backup vocals on "There Goes the Road."  And the latest album by The National, High Violet which came out this past May. Matt Berninger's baritone and the musical (particularly the percussive) nuances make the album enjoyable, in spite of a bit slumpish start with the first two tracks.

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