While on the road...

I'm writing this from a hotel room in Kalamazoo, Michigan. What brings me to KZoo?  The 44th annual International Congress on Medieval Studies.  I know: you wish you were here for such an event, too.  It's almost too bad that I can't live blog my experiences, as I know that would be gripping reading material for everyone!  I'm presenting a paper tomorrow at K'zoo, or The Zoo, if you're in the know and know the lingo (now you do; and, you're welcome!), that's what these medievalist folk call it.  Even more of a visual for you: tomorrow night, which is Saturday night, imagine a bunch of academics clunking around a dance floor because in addition to four full days of academic fun, Saturday night at The Zoo is the dance.  Oh yes, a dance.  Unfortunately, I'm not staying for it.

My Mom came with me on this trip, as the trip from my little corner apartment would have been an 11 hour journey on my own.  I stopped at my parents house Thursday, picked up my Mom, and we hit the road until somewhere in Ohio, where we spent the night and then started our journey again this morning.

This weekend adventure to us has resulted in many memorable lines, most notably, when we got off the Ohio turnpike for the evening and paid our toll with ticket (the Ohio turnpike doesn't have EZ Pass, regrettably), we came up to a Holiday Inn Express. Pulling into the parking lot, my Mom says to me, "Oh my God, what did we do with the ticket?!"  My response: "Mom, we paid it. We had to give it back."  Then laughter ensues.

My Mom gave up spending my parents forty-fourth wedding anniversary with my Dad and gave up most of Mother's Day to drive back to Pennsylvania with me. Because that's what Mom's do.

To all the Mom's out there, my best wishes for a very happy Mother's Day!

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