Musikfest 2010


TBAers, the beginning of August marks several things for the Corner: I've turned a year older. I'm continuing to scout out the Philadelphia Eagles training camp, which is held at Lehigh University. And, if you're a lover of going to music festivals, you know that Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is home to Musikfest, since 1984 when over 180,000 people showed up.

This ten-day festival, which quite literally is four blocks from my corner, has 14 outdoor and indoor stages (11 of which are completely free) and this year has over 300 performances (and always lots of polka. Lots and lots of polka.). It's an annual tradition, and offers a wide variety of music (and food) to explore.

This past Saturday night, I caught the fabulous in-the-round performance by Edie Carey, Christine Havrilla, and Pamela Means. As luck would have it, TBA's own interviewer extraordinaire Lisa was there, and we got the idea to put together a small sampling of the show to share. Yours truly makes an appearance towards the end... I've got to earn my stripes yet for a speaking role. :)

Thanks to Edie, Christine, and Pamela for a night of great music and sing-a-longs!

And TBAers, I hope you enjoy our sampling of a fantastic night of music.

Musikfest runs through Sunday August 15th, and the fireworks, should you be into those, begin around 9:15 PM Sunday from Sand Island Park, Bethlehem.  Really, you can stand on any of Bethlehem's 3 bridges and still get a nice view.

You can find more information on Edie, Christine, and Pamela on their websites, linked here:




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